Export/import BAQ & Dashboard from one company to another

We run multi company.

I have a dashboard & BAQ in company A that I want to import into company B but with a different name. I can do the BAQ part easy enough.

The problem is when I want to import the Dashboard, it won’t give me the option to 1) change the dashboard name or 2) change the BAQ that it will use

Is there any way around this?

In your BAQ coulnt you use Company = Currentcompany as a condition?

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Try the following:

  1. duplicate the dashboard - naming the duplicate what you want the name in the new company to be.
  2. export the duplicate
  3. delete the duplicate
  4. Import the duplicate into the new company.

That’s great Calvin. It’ll solve issue #1 in my post.

Any idea on how to change the dashboard to use a different BAQ?

First off, I said “try the following” Seems like it should work, but no guarantees.

Why would a different BAQ be needed? Update the BAQ like @Hogardy said.

If you absolutely want two separate (but identical) baq’s, edit the exported Dashboard, renaming references of the "old BAQ name " to the “new BAQ name”

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How can I edit the exported dashboard?

If you don’t know how, then I probably shouldn’t tell you. :wink:

They have a dbd extension but are just text files, editable with Notepad

Look for the DynamicQueryID tags


Sweet! That worked!

One last question (hopefully) - how can I delete a dashboard? I tried the X and I tried right clicking on the left pane and choosing delete. Any time I do that, it’s still there.

Never mind, figured it out. I’m a dummy.

Thanks again @ckrusen!

File -> Delete Dashboard Definition