BAQ Crash Course

Hello friends! My job is asking me to build ERP reports or make the existing reports look “pretty” and because this is completely outside of my job title and responsibilities. I am not familiar with Epicor or how to build and create reports using the BAQ and was wondering if somebody would be willing to tutor me or give me a rundown on how to navigate the software correctly?

Hi Matthew.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but depending upon on your background this could be a few weeks/ months of learning.

What you are asking for needs an understanding of:

  • Epicor data model

  • Epicor Report framework - definitely not straightforward

  • Epicor BAQ Reports

  • Epicor BAQ tool

  • SQL (the BAQ tool can shield from needing an extensive knowledge of SQL, but any SQL you have will help)

  • SQL Server Reporting Services

Definitely, more than the scope of a forum and probably more than a few weeks learning from scratch.

However, the good news is that you’ll usually find someone on this forum who can help with a specific issue,

Try this download for a start Sign In




Thanks Andrew! I appreciate the input!

Because I have an IT background and my job title is IT specialist I’m wondering if this could be used against me if I don’t learn the software fast enough? Do you think this could present job security issues?

@aclements was spot on. Learning the in’s and out’s is a life long process. But it is something you can pick up, bit by bit.

Start with very small manageable goals. And keep certain things separate. While BAQ Reports and RDD based reports are similar, there is enough differences that can easily throw you off if trying to work on one, while the rules of the other are fresh in your head.

One thing will definitely affect your learning curve, is how computer literate you are. Do you have any programming experience?


whoops our posts overlapped. Your IT background is more than enough.