BAQ increase font on results?

Wondering is there away to increase the font size of the results from a BAQ in the BAQ window? I know I could copy it to excel but I’m using the data to open other windows in Epicor. So that won’t work.

Unlike other window/app in epicor you cannot add a custom personalization to BAQ. So maybe there is another way.

Sight isn’t what it used to be but I work a lot on a smaller screen and the font is just too small.

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heh heh heh, I got it…


The designer does load personalizations. It just does not let you edit them.

You can create one by saving layouts.

I then made an updateable BAQ on XXXDef and found my personalization.

I took the dll apart to find the FormsID, Control Name, and Guid.

Then I added this into the Content on the Personalization:

    <Company />
    <Plant />
    <DcdUserID />
    <GroupID />
    <PropertiesID />

I’ll make an easy to apply solution later.


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Thank you this will help a ton!

My eyes aren’t what they used to be either. Happened damn quick too!


Same here.

Word to the wise. I got it working and it’s such a life saver! But don’t set the font to 16.

It wasn’t working at first. I didn’t copy the key in properties. I figured that out, updated the BAQ. Closed and reopened BAQ and then I had no buttons on the analyze tab. I ended up having to use REST API, grab the BAQ and update the content to 12. All is well now.

Maybe if I had a bigger screen it would show the buttons.

I thought it wasn’t working so I bumped the font thinking I’ll notice if it worked when the font is massive. Wasn’t totally wrong on that thought.

I’m just giggling like a schoolgirl here. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When I reloaded BAQ I was like… yep it worked. Would have to be blind not to see that change.

Went to change it back and I was like… ahhh shit.

What do y’all think would work best as an easy to apply solution?

A UBAQ with a custom action for the current user?

UBAQ with custom action. Only thing is I wonder if you can just inject the XML and the only thing the custom action asks for is the font size. But I’m not sure that could be done. I’m guessing you’d inject the XML code in the custom action.

Can’t you use windows scaling?

Already am :slight_smile: Still too small. If you scale it to where it’s not, everything else looks funny :rofl: