BAQ Job Demand Type

Hello everybody,

I am trying to make a BAQ that tracks our open Make To Stock jobs, but I cannot seem to find that field that dictates what type of demand the job has. Where would that be located?


I believe you are meant to glean that information from the JobProd table.

If it is make to stock you will have data in the WarehouseCode field.
If it is make to order you will have data in the order num/line/release fields
If it is make to job you will have data in the target job/assembly/material fields.


Also, remember jobs can have more than one demand linked to it. So you could for example, have one job that feeds 2 orders directly, as well as a make to stock demand. So a job doesn’t really have a singular type, and as @hackaphreaka mentioned, the types of demand are stored in the JobProd table.


If you are making the Job to Stock, check the part.nonstock field.

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read that again @Patrick , but slower…

if stock check non-stock

how does that work?

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help :smiley:

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Wow, I did phrase that horribly.