BAQ or Dashboards to update part method


I am need to update a resource across many part numbers. I am trying to create an updatable BAQ to change such with a paste update.

When I pull in ECOOpr, I get many different “versions” of the templates. What do I need to do to show the most current? Also, I tried to update an older one and there was an error. Will it only allow me to update the current?

Also, any better way to go about this would be amazingly appreciated as well.


DMT. A BAQ like this is quite complicated. You can search on this site to see if anyone has created anything to do the work, but DMT is much easier as it just works.

Any thoughts on what determines the most current. I have been playing with the sql but cannot find a flag or whatever to say “THIS ONE”. lol

The ECO tables are related to whats “checked out”. But it also leaves old stuff in there. You should be using PartMtl and PartOpr tables to see what the currently checked in stuff is. Use those to see what’s current, then you should be able to create a BAQ as a DMT template and import that way.

These interrelated tables with checking out and checking in is why you should really just use DMT to make that changes.

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Approved and EffectivityDate

Jason Woods

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