BAQ Parameter Type issue

(Version 10.2.300.38)
I have a BAQ with a parameter of type nvarchar


But when I try to use it on a table criteria, The window that lists the parameters, say’s it is of type bit.


When I try to run or analyze the BAQ, I get:


I tried deleting the criteria row and re adding it, but the Select Parameter window keeps thinking it is a bit

And this was working fine before I added another parameter (which was a type Bit), but then deleted it.

I’m sure I can delete the criteria row, delete the parameter, and then re-add both. But wonder what caused it.

Anyone every have this happen?

BTW - I constantly see the field selected on a table criteria change when I change the Operation or filter value of that criteria row.

I’d save the BAQ, close the BAQ window and then reload it to make sure that you aren’t just dealing with a display that hasn’t updated. I feel your pain regarding the table criteria change. You’re not alone in that experience…

Yep, I remember that on 10.2.300 - it would always change to Company. They have fixed that.

I have seen a date parameter switch to nvarchar (like, all the time), but never nvarchar to bit that I recall.