Odd BAQ designer behavior, changing criteria operator resets other criteria fields of that row

I just noticed that when I change the Operation field in a criteria, it resets the Field and Filter Value Entries

For example on the Table Criteria in a BAQ I have the following:
(note the Field and Filter Values for the highlighted row)

If I change the operator to something else (from <= to < in my example) and then leave the Operator field (hit tab,or select a different field or row) the Field and Filter Value columns change.

I don’t recall seeing this in 10.1.400. Only now seeing it in 10.2.300.

Anyone else observe this?


I’d hate to have made a complex expression for the Filter Value, and have it lost because I went from <= to <

The BAQ editor pulls a lot of annoying tricks like this. :rage:

I just did a test in 10.2.400.15 and it is still there. It is not just changing the operation. I always glance to make sure there are no company fields since that it what it flips to and I would never use that as a criteria.

I also have this issue, its slightly annoying lol

Same here on 10.2.300.12… :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re actually on 10.2.300.23. I left off the “patch” level as I assumed this isn’t something that would be introduced or resolved at that level.

I have also been dealing with this since I started about a year ago. I haven’t found any good way to avoid it. I would love to hear some workarounds or solutions!

Get it right the first time. :wink: