BAQ REST Service

In REST v1, there’s a way to execute BAQs but is there a custom endpoint that would let me access the designer? In particular, I’d like to create a script that would help with upgrades. The script would iterate through all of the non-System BAQs and for each one do the “Analyze” to check for errors.

Might this be a possibility?

Mark W.

BAQ Designer? No custom endpoint, just BaqDesignerSvc service.

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I think what you’re looking for is the Analyze method (in the custom method list) within the Ice.BO.DynamicQuerySvc. It’s the same method as gets called when clicking the Analyze button within the BAQ Designer.

Get the BAQ Dynamic Query object from the GetByIDs method and then pass it into the Analyze method as the queryDS parameter. I tested with just an empty object for the additional executionParams parameter and it worked, but you may need to play with that depending on the query. Looks like there’s a section for parameters so you may have to tackle those as one-off tests with preset values.


Thanks @olga and @jstephens!

For now, I’m not trying to execute the BAQ, just do the Analyze. In .400, the Projects table had some fields added and renamed. I was able to query them (and calculated fields) but it would be nice to make a first pass with the Analyze to grab the obvious issues.


Mark W.