BAQ sum per Display Column


This may be very simple to answer but I am fairly new to the system and how it works.
I am currently trying to calculate multiple sums per each Display column. What I am trying to do is calculate the Average Days Later per vendor. I have a calculated field to find the days late for each Purchase Order, containing all lines and releases, per Vendor. Now I would like to calculate the average days late per vendor. Maybe a bad description? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can do this in the BAQ, but that type of field will need to be an aggregate. which means the non-aggregate fields will need to have their Group By box checked.

If this BAQ is going to be used in a Report, you can do the summing and averaging in the report. It’s also doable in a dashboard.

Thank you Calvin. I now have the sum of what I need but I cannot figure out how to average the numbers given the format I have them set up in. How can I get the average number per each vendor without it repeating the number multiple times.