BAQ - Supplier Price Breaks

Is it possible to retrieve current supplier price break with a BAQ? We need to compare the part transaction material unit cost to supplier price list based on the transaction quantity.

If you are using supplier price lists, they should be setting the price on the PO automatically. And its the price on the PO that is used when the parts are received. If the Supplier is invoicing you with price that differs from the cost on the PO, you’ll see a Variance transaction.

To answer your question, yes. BAQ would use tables Vendor, VendPart, and VendPBrk:



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I failed to mention that these are Supplier Managed Inventory PUR-STK transactions. The PO Receipt (PUR-SMI) can be for a large quantity but the releasing the parts from SMI bin to regular can be in smaller quantities.
We are interested in showing the variance between the time of the PO receipt and the current supplier price list. I am afraid I have to create a SQL function and pull the data with an external BAQ.

If it’s a “one time thing” and you’re more comfortable with SQL, then buy all means use it.

If it was going to be a regularly run report, then I’d make it as a BAQ. Other than the user interface, the query structure in a BAQ is pretty similar to what you’d do in SQL.