Bar coding

Any suggestions on bar coding? I know epicor has the capabilities of using bar codes, we are using 10.1 and want to implement bar coding, but not sure where to start…

Where do you want barcoding?
Epicor supports Tag Generation natively in several places, but if you get something like Bartender you can pretty much do anything you want with BarCoding / Tagging.

Every time I’m asked about barcoding…I always start with the question of “why”?
Once I get a valid answer for the “why”, I then get clarification on how the person sees barcoding. Meaning, are we talking about just eliminating data enter errors or are we talking about streamlining processes?
If they want to streamline processes, then that leads to a conversation about how they envision how the process will work.

This series of question will help to give you an idea of where to start.

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we have about 3000 different part #'s with multiple bin locations within the warehouse, we are also a lot controlled environment, the company feels that bar coding is going to help with order pulling (about 10 a day with various parts) and also with returning materials back into stock.
we are hoping these “bar codes” could be scanned and we can punch in a quantity and it will give us bin location and enter the quantity into the system and bin

I hope im explaining this right, lol sorry

Yeah that makes sense,
Do you have / use the Hand Held module?
The Epicor handheld module (although not great) is probably what you want.
You create labels for your bins and your parts and you walk around the warehouse and scan the part / bin etc to do picks and transfers.

we are not using any of the capabilities of epicor for bar coding at this time…
do you use the hand held module? how does that work for you??

I think most people believe there is some sort of magic in barcodes. The best way to think about it, is that barcodes are a font that barcode scanners can read. And the scanners act just like keyboards, converting what was scanned, into key presses.

At the most immediate level, they just replace a person looking at text and typing it on the keyboard. Barcode scanners just do it faster and with practically no errors.

Hand Held module can be quite nice, depends on how you have set up your infrastructure. But it helps with picking, trackers, shipping and allows you to scan in from barcodes much of the information

Barcodes can also be used for Jobs with the Job Traveler.