Barcode Fonts that recognize Extended ASCII Codes

I am looking for a font to replace Dataworks Bar 39 for creating barcodes
for use in data collection with Vantage. The manuals for the scanner I have
in house (Symbol LS1006) state that the scanner can read Extended ASCII
Codes that can be added to the actual data barcodes to provide keystrokes to
move the user correctly from screen to screen without having to go from the
scanner to the mouse or keyboard, back to the scanner, etc, etc.

Is anyone using an alternate font for barcodes that allow ASCII Codes to be
read properly? I would appreciate knowing the name of the font and where to
get it.

I have e-mailed Epicor on this, so they are aware of the situation, but I am
trying to get this project going and would like to make the process as easy
and fool proof as possible for the data collection users.
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