Bartender Issue - GenInv on PartTran

I am having the hardest time with a simple data directive to auto print a Bartender label triggered by TranType INS-STK on an added row to the PartTran table.

The data directive I have in place generates a GenericInventory file as expected to our FTP, HOWEVER, the only table returning any data in that file is the Company table. Because I’m only using duplicates of the out of the box report style and data definition I assume the issue rests in the data directive set up.

Super vanilla widget set up

Report Parameters - mapping TranNum to ttPartTran.TranNum didn’t help

Can’t seem to figure it out and now I’ve been staring at it too long. Any ideas are truly appreciated.

Ms. Melanie: I assume you are a SaaS customer.
I ran into something very similar trying to do a Bartender label based on a UD Table. I was not able to get the fields to export.

I did discover that the CallContextBPMData WAS avaialable. So i used the BPM to “copy” my field data to the CallContextBPMData and i got the job done. However, i never solved why my UD table fields would not export.


Hi Dave, I spoke to one of the Epicor professional services consultants and he said that he’s seen this too on GenInv on PartTran and they only work around he’s found is custom code. I’ll post what we end up getting working.

Me Melanie- try the free solution first :blush:

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