Batch AR Printing Object

I am trying to replace the Report printing object for ARInvForm (Epicor.Mfg.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction)
with Erp.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction in Epicor 10. However, I am getting the error
‘ARInvForm’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Erp.UI.Rpt’, even thought it does. I added the reference Erp.UIRpt.ARInvForm as seen in the image.


How do I gain access to the ARInvForm.Transaction for reporting?

I am trying to print Batch Invoice Printing and converting an E9 reference for a class:
class InvcPrinter : Epicor.Mfg.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction.
However, I do not know the replacement reference object for E10 to the above.

Any help with this?

Looking at the same object, (Erp.UIRpt.ARInvForm) but just trying to enable the AR Invoice Tracker for our customer service team to be able to reprint invoices from. Were you ever able to get an answer to this?

I can’t find any information on what else needs to be enabled on the menu for this.


I had given up and a consultant took a look. Based on the code, he did what I had done, but I don’t know what else he had done to make it work. It’s too bad Epicor doesn’t have great documentation that can help properly.