Become More SOX / Publicly-Traded Friendly Compliant ERP System

Suggestion for Epicor to become more SOX Compliant then you can market yourself as the most SOX Compliant ERP System out there and get those Publicly Traded 500 million dollars a year companies to switch easier (you know those folks that purchase like 3000 licenses and have a budget of bottomless pit)… Why not becoming the SOX King in the ERP Market - by introducing, among definitely many more things:

  • More Flexible Field Security
  • More Flexible Multi-Company Security / Menu Structure - For example John Doe works at CORP and he has access to 5 Companies and in each one he has access to Part Entry. But in Company B he can only manage Descriptions via Part Entry meanwhile in Company D and E he has access to more Entry Screens (Cross-Company Roles)… Example 2: Martha works at a Lower Company where she has Access to it ALL but in CORP she can only view 3 Trackers.
  • Logging, Logging, Logging, Audit Trails Everywhere
  • Financial Reports for a Publicly Traded Company are not great in Epicor
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