Best way to auto clock people out of the MES

Hi, Does anybody have any suggestion on the best way to auto clock people out at the end of the day? We have people who forget to clock out.

  1. Write a BAQ that get’s the folks that should be clocked out
  2. Make it updatable and on post processing of GetList loop the records and run clock out for each result returned from your filtered query
  3. Schedule BAQ export at the desired times to fire it off.

That should get you there. Depending on the version of Epicor you are on, because they at some point switched from BAQAdapter.Export to BAQAdapter.GetList. Later versions of 10.2 this will work with.

thanks, we are on 10.2. I’ll get to work on this and post any questions if I get stuck.

I have a powershell script that runs DMT to launch a BAQ to identify any users still clocked on.

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath $DMTPath -ArgumentList “-ConnectionUrl $Env -User $User -Pass $Pass -Export -BAQ DSEBAQClockOut -Target $Source -NoUI -ConfigValue $Config”

The output from this is then used as the source for another DMT run using the Import ““TE Labor Combined”” load type.

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath $DMTPath -ArgumentList “-ConnectionUrl $Env -User $User -Pass $Pass -Add=false -Update=true -Import ““TE Labor Combined”” -Source $Source -NoUI -ConfigValue $Config -logfile $Log”

I then schedule the script to run at 23:58 every night to auto clock off any users that have forgotten to clock out.

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