Better BOM/Method Reports?

I’ve searched but can’t find anything that exactly answers my question… so forgive me if this has been asked/answered a million times. I’ve realized, fairly late in the game, that the out of the box BOM/Method reporting isn’t great. I was able to tweak the method report a little to make it a little easier to read for our purposes but I would LOVE to be able to add a field showing the reference designators for material on the BOM – either on the Method Master report or the Summarized BOM - actually on both. Most people here are used to seeing things a certain way and I’m afraid if that’s completely taken away from them there will be a mutiny. The BOM by reference designator isn’t what I’m looking for – what I need is the part number followed by the reference designators where that part is used – all of them kept together. I don’t know if this is possible or not… but figured I’d ask. Or if anyone has any other suggestions that just offer a better overall view of a BOM.