Indented Bill of Operations

Is there a report similar to the BOM Listing with an indented structure for the operations list of a particular part number? I have been tasked with determining the total number of components for each finished good as well as the total number of operations. We typically only have to go about 3-4 levels deep to hit the bottom.

You can filter that report by part number.


Brandon, I’m looking for operations though, not materials.

Methods master report



But that’s not indented.

:thinking: I think you would have to make that one yourself.

another edit

Nope there is a setting for indented.

Awesome. That looks like it’s going to be fun to attempt to parse through! Thanks for your help.

Yeah, personally, I hate paper reports. I push everything to dashboards because they are easier to manipulate. Depending on how much you want to use this tool, and what you are ultimately looking for, I would probably do the work to make a CTE query and pop it into a dashboard.

It all depends on what your end goal is really.

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