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My experience has been that Win95 works up through 5.1, and after doing some testing with 5.2 I don't see any major reason why Win95 wouldn't continue to work. We have successfully used Pentium 200mhz machines with as little as 32MB of RAM on Data Collection stations with little problem. Bootup is obviously a slow process, but once the DC client is running it works just fine. We had PC's with Touch screens when we were using them.

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics

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We're planning on moving from 5.1 to 5.2 at the end of the month. A
couple of questions have arisen. Our data collectors are running Windows
95. Must they all be upgraded to 98 (as Vantage recommends) or will 5.2
work with 95? Also, apparently the memory requirements for workstations is
significantly greater. What are the experiences you've had with this?

Phil Lukomski
Trace-A-Matic Corp

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