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Way to read the fine print, Anton! I was ready to jump right in. This might warrant a call to Seagate to clarify the specific issue you just mentioned.

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics

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by 'gotchas', you mean good things or bad things...?!

well, I've done a little reading on 8.5 and decided not to go with this one.

The reason is that the Web Component Server of v8 is now "Crystal
Enterprise" in 8.5 - something that requires workstation licenses (you get
Enterprise Standard free with v8.5, with 5 concurrent licenses).

According to some of the Crystal Decisions marketing material, this bundle
of Crystal Enterprise with Reports 8.5 is "$10,000 of software".... so it
looks like they're trying to make a lot of money out of their web
distribution system in the future, by hooking us all in now.

For that reason I'm staying with 8, as there are no licensing issues for the
Web system and it works very well. I would like some of the new features,
but I'm not going to get caught into perhaps having to fork out thousands
for extra licenses.

I'd recommend you download the documentation yourself from the Crystal
Decisions website -, and I'd also appreciate more
users' insight into this.

Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare


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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:37:44 -0600
From: Todd Caughey <caugheyt@...>
Subject: Crystal 8.5

I just received Crystal Reports 8.5 as a subscription upgrade. Just curious
whether someone else might have received it earlier and tried it. Looks
like some nice features including interactive reports (with parameter
prompts) and more output formats (XML, RTF and Excel). If anyone knows of
any gotchas, especially related to Vantage please advise. I am especially
concerned about compatibility with the report distribution facility they are
moving away from.

-Todd C.
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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