BO Methods description in E10?

When implementing BPMs I’ve always used tracing to figure out the BOs and methods being called for a given action. Back in E9 I also would occasionally reference BOMethods.pdf when it wasn’t clear what method I needed to attach the BPM to. The docs weren’t great but gave a couple sentence explanation of all methods for a given BO. What is the recommended workflow in E10?

As an example, I’d like to write a BPM to print a warning and fire off an email if we attempt to create a pack slip and there are incomplete operations on the job. Based on my tracing it looks like I need the CustShipImpl BO, but I’m not sure if I should use the GetNewShipHead(), GetNewOrdrShipDtl(), or UpdateMaster() method…

In E10 you can still download the BO Methods, they are on EpicWeb as a .chm now.

As for the Packing Slip, it depends, do you ship from the Job or do you Ship from Stock? Because you will have to do a query perhaps to find the JobProd that has demand for the Order and then get the Job Number from JobProd.

I think it will be on UpdateMaster or whenever someone attempts to add a new ShipDtl Line, you could prevent it.

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@hkeric.wci thanks, I found the .chm file!

We ship from a job. How would you implement the query(to determine get operations for the job). I’m thinking my only option is to use the “Execute Custom Code” widget and implement this myself in C#. Is that how you’d go about this?

I know this is an old thread. I have been tasked with solving this issue for our shipping department. Did you come up with a good solution?