BPM - Add "BodyIsHTML" option to The Send Email Action

I think it would nice to make emails look a little more professional using HTML. They currently look pretty primitive with using only plain text.

You can make them look better. Just add your HTML tags like the “old days” !

But I agree… would be nice if already incorporated during design…


Other freqeunt requests from our hosted customers;

When printing from standard interface, default the “to:” to the user’s email address in user maintenance.

Create a way to re-try the email instead of just erroring out the rest of the job if app pool can’t reach smtp server on first try.

Yes! But follow the single responsibility principle: there should be one function that handles all email. BPMs and other custom code should just hand off the information to that service. Let it do the emailing, retrying, attaching, etc. That code shouldn’t be all over the place. See Create a Notification Service outside of the Epicor Core

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