BPM Data Directive - Compose Query E10 vs E9


In Condition – Number of rows in Designed query. When you click on the “designed” hyperlink the Compose Query window no longer lets you type in a query like in E9 instead it automatically takes you to Compose Query, a BAQ like screen which would still be ok if it allowed me to create a calculated field (column1 - column2) like on a normal BAQ screen but the display fields tab is missing. Is there a work around for this? Do I need to using the C# condition instead?

I would recommend doing it in LINQ in the same data directive. What do you want to achieve? I could give you some pointers


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This is a terrible idea, please stay away from SQL when it comes to BPMs, or Customization or anything like this in Epicor

Use the tools provided, if you are trying to compare the value of 2 or more fields you can definitely do that worse comes to worse you could do a condition that is checked with C#

I meant LINQ, lol

I agree with you. I meant to say Linq, lol.

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in fact, I normally stay away from BAQs inside of method directives. I like to have control over what to pull from the database and when to lock records. I’ve seen performance problems with the embedded BAQ approach in Data directives

Thanks everyone for your help! I was able to accomplish what I need in the method directives. There was more flexibility for what I needed in there instead of the data directives.

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