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Trying to create a BPM that will send out emails to people when a MEMO is created, It needs to send the email to different people depending on the memo category. Right now I have it built into Method Directive, GetNewMemo but its not working. Is this the right method code?

Use a data directive and monitor the table for an added record in the Memo table. You could route the emails based on the memo type too.


Did you do a trace first?
Sometimes it is not the obvious method that gets fired.


Use a message box to display condition variables during pre,base, and post method directive. You will need to experiment. I agree with Simon, do a trace first to identify the methods being used.

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If you use a method directive, it would not be on the “Get New” - that typically just passes a new record with some detault data in it. The memo would not yet be created (the user will need to type data into the form), and there’s not even a guarantee that a memo would get created (you can click “New”, then delete/clear and never create the data).

“GetNew” directives are typically used in a “post” processing directive to set/override default values. You should be looking for some type of “Update” method. The trace will tell you.

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I tried using the Ice.Memo.GeNewMemo, i put a bpm in Pre, Base, and Post Processing but nothing fired up after I created a Memo

Just a quick thought, but maybe a data directive on the Memo table instead
of a method directive?


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I found which Method Directive fires after the Memo has been saved. I created a condition where it should fire if the memo cat ID equals to Prod and it didnt work. So i changed it to say if it does not equal to Prod then fire and it still didnt work. Any Ideas?

Multiple users have pointed you to a data directive…why are you continuing to pursue a method directive?

Because I would prefer not to write a custom code for sending emails, since email address will depend on what Category ID is put on the menu and Data Directive doesn’t have a default email setting

In that case, have you tried the Memo.Update or UpdateExt methods instead?

Our Method BPMs that send an emails are all one of the update methods.

Something I would recommend, create distribution groups in your email server that match your Category IDs so you don’t have to manually go into Epicor just to update the email list. Build your email address from the Category ID:

“MEMO_” + categoryID + "@company.com"

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