BPM for BAQ of Parts Modified on an ECO Group

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We are using the ECO Group ID as our ECO Number, so each time a revision gets modified, it will be checked out to a different ECO. I want to be able to create a BAQ that shows all of the Parts/Revisions that were modified on a specific ECO Group ID. Since they get deleted out of the ECO Group when they get checked in, I’ve come up with the following Strategy:

  1. add a UD Field to the PartAudit Table called ECOGroupID_c. Each time a revision gets checked in, this table gets updated.
  2. write a BPM that copies the ECOGroupID to the new UD Fields whenever a part is checked in.
  3. Create a BAQ filtered on the ECOGroupID_c field

My problem is figuring out which BPM has write access to the PartAudit Table AND is called by the Engineering Workbench “Check In” (or Approve and Check In OR Check In All OR Approve and Check In All) process so that I can transfer this value.

I’ve gone through the methods that are called in the Tracing Log, and I don’t see the PartAudit table in any of them.

AHH… WAIT… the part is NOT deleted from the ECO Group when checked in. It is only “Hidden”… you can still see the parts that were part of the group if you create a BAQ. Simply look at all the ECOREVs against that ECOGROUP and you will find a list of parts that were in the group.

Well what do you know, it’s all there… Thanks Tim!