BPM for Hard Stop at Data Collection

Hello and Cheers,

I am currently attempting to turn some of our Shop Warnings into Shop “Stops”. When a user starts an activity in MES and selects a Job and operation they are prompted with a message at that time if any of the following criteria is met:

10 - A Previous Operation is not Started
20 - A Previous Operation is not Completed

a simple click of the okay button allows the user to close the warning and continue on to begin the production on that operation without regard to the message.

I am looking for a way to present the user with a STOP or an additional message that produces an error message as to not continue on with the activity if one of these warnings applies to the operation being clocked into.

Any advice as to the “right” direction to head here? I have tried using the checkwarning method and applying a hold but this occurs whether there is a valid warning or not. Thank you for your considerations.