BPM for Shipment Notification Email

I have a BPM to sends the email worked out, but how did you tackle shipments that were phantom packed and have multiple Tracking numbers? (CartonTrkDtl)

We do a external nightly process ( still in E9 ) that does an email per customer. Two sections Packages and Contents per packnum.


That’s near the format they want, so good to know there is a way. :wink:

Starter Pack =P Email Template Again - Pulling the Company Settings · GitHub

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Thanks @hkeric.wci. This will give me some good help.

It should atleast help you with the HTML Table =) you can always improve upon it. It also uses the Email Address and Name from the Company Configuration.

I’ll circle back around for the HTML, I couldn’t get it to work with the code I’d already was using so used a simple concatenate to get the Cartons & ShipDtl data.

I have to work on the Sales Order notification, they want that one with the PDF of the sales order acknowledgement so a bigger deal right now.

The Tracking Number(s) for your shipment from Southern Imperial:
	Carton Number 1	Tracking Number z1234
 	Carton Number 2	Tracking Number z4567

The following items were shipped:
	Order 10700	Line 1	Part 123456789	Quantity 4	Purchase Order 987654
	Order 10700	Line 2	Part 1234589-A	Quantity 2	Purchase Order 987654