Shipping - Anyone track parts in specific boxes and pallets?

We now have a need to track one or more parts to a specific box, the box to a specific pallet, and specific pallets to a shipment. We then need to communicate this info back to a company in our group. Has anyone done this in E10? Is it possible to do in the base system functionality, or how did you go about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I haven’t implemented this system myself, nor do I know the “right” way to do it.
Take a look at Customer Shipment Entry. There are some tabs that might be helpful. You could store the information in the Manifest Info, under your appropriate shipper. Or you could store it in the comments fields for either the shipper, invoice or header.

To get the data back out, I would start with a BAQ, then build a report or dashboard if needed.

I think PCID will do what you need here.

Each of our pallets has a unique PCID generated on demand and shipments are built by adding each PCID to a master shipment.

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PCID’s will do this for you

Sue, would you have a little time for a question on nesting PCIDs for shipping? Please email me if you can!

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