BPM for Ubaq. How respect condition for each row?

I’m working on a BPM for a UBAQ method directive. The UBAQ allows multiple dirty rows in order to not have the dashboard re-order itself every time you make a change to the row.

I need a field to change based on what another field has been changed to. There a list of statuses that can be picked, and one status means full qty, most of the others mean 0 qty and one allows for an input on partial qty. What I am trying to do is to make the statuses with full or 0 set themselves when the status is picked. It works fine when you save one row, however, when you save multiple rows, it looks like it only uses the criteria for the first one.

My question is, can you make the BPM loop through the conditions for each row? Or do I just have to make a conditional statement in the set field statement section?

Well, I don’t know if there is a way to loop through the BPM conditions, but I was able to put them all into a single statement under the set field by statement, and it seems to be working. For anyone interested, Here’s what it looks like.