BPM for vendor approved status enquiry

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a BPM to control on approved checkbox, only allowing user from a certain security group to check it.

I’ve created a method directive on Vendor.Update BO but I’m facing the issue below:

Issue: The BPM wouldn’t allow un-approved supplier creation, exception from the BPM will appear
Expectation: BPM would allow normal user to create supplier and save it if the approved button is not checked.

Appreciate if anyone can provide some ideas for this requirement.

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Use field security for this - only allow access to the Vendor.Approved field to specific users/groups and set it as None as the default

Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for the suggestion!
I have thought of using field security as well, but if i remember correctly, this would affect some of my dashboard which displays the vendor.approved status.

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any other suggestion would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: