BPM help: Fill in VendorID for material

Hi all,


I am trying to write a bpm to fill in VendorID and PurPoint.  QuoteMtl.Purpoint populates fine, but QuoteMtl.VendorID does not exist as a field.


I was thinking of querying the Vendor table, but I can't figure out how to do that...


My BPM is for QuoteAsm.GetMtlPartInfo

Post Processing




for each ttQuoteMtl where ttQuoteMtl.PurPoint = "".

if avail ttQuoteMtl then do:

                for first Part where Part.Company = ttQuoteMtl.Company and Part.Partnum = ttQuoteMtl.PartNum and Part.QtyBearing = TRUE and Part.nonstock = FALSE.

                if avail Part then do:

                                find first PartPlant where PartPlant.Company = ttQuoteMtl.Company and PartPlant.Partnum = ttQuoteMtl.PartNum no-lock no-error.

                                if avail PartPlant then Do:

                                ttQuoteMtl.VendorNum = PartPlant.VendorNum.  /* This does not work */

                                ttQuoteMtl.PurPoint = PartPlant.PurPoint.  /* This works */









The reason I need to write this BPM: stock items manually added to MOMs do not populate vendor info.  Vantage 8.03.409A.


Any help would be appreciated.






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