BPM - Pre Existing Data

Hi all. I’m looking to create a BPM to send an email from pre-existing dates from PO detail. I want it to send an email to our buyers if a PO line has a due date that is now in the past.

I’ve got the workflow set up right now with a condition stating that if a PO line is open and the due date < today to trigger an email to our buyers. I’ve got it set up with my email right now for testing purposes. The only email that I received for this is a test PO that I purposefully created with a due date in the past.

Is there any way to trigger this email off of pre-existing conditions?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Why not create a BAQ report? Then send the buyer a daily report of past due items?

Your BPM looks to be set to fire when the record that is past due, is updated.

@knash I’m pretty new to all of this, but that’s a good idea, thank you.

What steps could I take to trigger the BPM off of the already entered due dates?

That is where the BAQ Report will come in handy. Trying to create a transaction on all records to run your BPM, is not the route to take.

Ok, thank you!

You can go the report route, as others suggested.

If you want to stick to the email route, you can create a scheduled function that collects out of date records and emails them out. Similar to your BPM idea, but you can run it on a schedule rather than waiting for someone to trigger it via a BO method or DB update.

You can also go into SSRS, build a custom report and schedule a subscription.


Where would I need to go to schedule a function like that?

Is that on the BAQ side or a different program?

You can find functions under System Mgmt->Biz Proc Mgmt, right next to the BPM apps.

They’re similar to BPM’s, but not quite the same thing.

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Our library ID is empty. I guess I’ll have to do some research on this topic. Thank you.

A library is a collection of related functions…kind of like a class in programming. You’d create your own library, and place individual functions within. You can then call those functions from within ERP, from an external app via the API, or (in this case) use the “Schedule Function” to execute a function on a schedule.

Epicor Functions Maintenance is your first stop here. Schedule Function is for when you actually have something to run.

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Here is how to schedule the report.

No Code.