BPM sales order partnum = value set checkbox

I am having a brain-dead moment. If a line on a sales order has a particular part description I want to set a check box to true.

I was trying to do this through a BPM

And it’s not working. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

What directive did you attach this to? Is it a BAQ, method directive or data directive? Is it pre/base/post?

I used a BPM and attached it to the salesorder.update post processing.

I am not a pro, but I think at post-processing the update has all been done and you can’t change anything. Perhaps pre-processing will allow you to make the change.
In my experience if I use a setfield widget then I also have to run the Update method after. But I do most of my work in BAQ BPMs, not directives. My approach for this would be a GetByID widget, (or a Get Dataset method of some kind), then do your set field, or update table widget, then do an update method to set those values.

I hope I am not leading you down the wrong path here, but I think this might get you closer.
Good luck!

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@NateS is right, the SetField won’t do anything in Update.Post. Try the Update.Pre - runs before the save/update is performed.