BPM to open Memo on field change


I’m trying to see if there is a way to automatically open the Memo form via a BPM when a field changes, without having to do a customization.

What I’m trying to accomplish is that when a user changes the “Engineering Alert” field in Part Maintenance, to have the Memo window open automatically to a new memo form, and the user would then record notes pertaining to the reason the field was changed.

I’ve got a BPM with some custom code that will automatically create a new memo, but it does so “behind the scenes” and pre-populates the fields so the user isn’t able to input any part specific information in the Memo Text field.

var memo = ServiceRenderer.GetService<Ice.Contracts.MemoSvcContract>(Db);

Ice.Tablesets.MemoTableset memoTS = new Ice.Tablesets.MemoTableset();

memo.GetNewMemo(ref memoTS, "Erp", "Part", RelatedRowID);
memoTS.Memo[0].CategoryID = "ENGHOLD";
memoTS.Memo[0].MemoDesc = "Engineering Hold";
memo.Update(ref memoTS);

I’d like to keep this within a BPM if possible and any advice or guidance is definitely appreciated.

BPMs run on the server. You cannot open Epicor forms from them. This would need to be a customization.

That’s kind of what I assumed, but figured it was worth checking. I appreciate the response @pmarques