Updatable Dashboard change one row and update the related rows automatically

I’m curious if anyone has run into this before. I have an dashboard which shows all open Job operations by Workcenter and in part display a specific memo of a specific category for each Job. What I am wondering is when I update the memo on say row 1 of 4 for Job 1234 is there a way to update rows 2,3,4 without doing a full refresh? the reason I ask is I have parameters that need to be selected on refresh that I would rather not force the user to reselect every time they saved a change.

Thinking about it, is it possible to recalculate a calculated field without a refresh? if so I could make the visible memo field calculated and the updateable field not visible as I am using a tracker view to update it anyway.

Or I could actually just use the calculated field as my updatable anyway since I am using the Update BPM to update the Memo table.