Built in PURCHASING portals?

Similar to my previous question (Built In Selling portals (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc))… Just wondering what the interest would be in the Kinetic world if Epicor were to have pre-built interfaces to any of the popular PURCHASING e-commerce sites such as Grainger, McMaster-Carr, Amazon, eBay etc.
How many companies would be interested in such a connection?
How would you use it?
Do you already have something like this? if so, how did you do it?
There is also an Epicor Idea created for this: KNTC-I-2105 (please vote if you really do want this feature… ).


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The concept is great. We sell windows and almost each one is a special order. Each of our vendors has supplied a portal where we can configure each of the special windows. But currently we have to rekey each of those windows into the Sales Order line for line.

A process where the information is written back to our Sales Order, and the PO could be passed back to the vendor all at once would be amazing in this industry.

Randy Raub
ERP Project Manager

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@rraub, Interesting use case… So you configure the item at your supplier, then add the results to a sales order, and then create the PO to buy the configured item?

We would be interested in this. We do not already have something like this, so we create a purchase order in Epicor, then (outside of Epicor) we place an order through a vendor web portal (referencing our Epicor PO number).


@BKen when you do this, how much extra time do you spend pushing the order to the web portal, maintaining that order, etc. How many orders are processed this way per week/month? What value do you place on an automated solution?

We only buy from these vendors a few times per month (maybe 5 POs per month). While it is an extra step, it does not take too much extra time. If it were free/included, we would use it, but due to our low volume of transactions to vendors like these, we would probably not add another paid module.

Yes we do. I find it very convoluted. In this case, I really need out PO Number before the product configuration on the Vendor Screen. I wish for a button on the Sales Order screen that would allow me to generate/create a linked PO in parallel with the Sales Order.

Not for my current use, but I used to manage a small medical device repair company and we bought from McMaster-Carr many times per week. If you had a MC portal (especially if MC paid for it!) I could see it being a. real timesaver for such repair companies.