Bulk inserting Reference Designator data into Epicor?

Our engineering department is looking for a non-manual way to load the XYZRS data for reference designators into Epicor, instead of typing it in line-by-line in the workbench. The engineers can format a .csv file for data loading, but Epicor’s DMT only lists a small handful of tables to insert into and none of those tables are relevant here. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is there a workaround to load spreadsheets into the Epicor database, or a 3rd party tool that does this, or what?

By clicking on the Template Builder button in DMT, you will see all of the fields that DMT template ‘can’ contain.

Reference Designators are in the Bill of Materials … assuming that’s what you’re looking for.

That sounds perfect! How do I find the Bill of Materials tab, though? I don’t see it listed under Engineering or Production.

I looks like our DMTs have a different menu structure, not sure why that is. I am on 10.1.500 currently but had the same menu in 10.1.400.

Oh boy. So, you have a LOT more menu items in your DMT than I do. Is there a way to add menu items? Have you had all those menu items from the beginning?

Yes, my menu has looked like that for as long as I can remember.

DMT has the same security that you have in the Epicor Application. Can you get to those menu items in the Application?


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THAT was the problem! I was using the default login for DMT because I didn’t realize that mattered. Now I can try loading this RefDes data in.