DMT for Machine Parameters when integrating with Mattec

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Since Epicor’s documentation is as good as normal. I’ve been able to DMT all of the Mattec related data and the insane number of checkboxes that need to be selected via DMT. BUT, there is one tab I can’t seem to find how to DMT. It is the Machine Parameters tab that is under Operation>External MES when looking at a Method.

Does anyone have any hints on this? Or is this a HUGE gaffe by Epicor to give you 99% of the data via DMT then makes them all useless by not adding a few more fields?


I found it on Bill Of Operations template.

This is the Detail tab data - Got that part. There is a related “Machine Parameters” tab that the fields are no where to be found

We ran into the same problem. I submitted an enhancement request to Epicor Support. Hoping that the DMT team would react quickly as they have in the past. But that didn’t happen. I also created an idea in the Epicor ERP Ideas site, which has been marked for ‘Future Consideration,’ if you want to vote for it:

Need to be Able to DMT Machine Parameters | Epicor ERP Ideas (

In the meantime, I created .CSV files using SQL and imported into Mattec. For our next round of machine parameters, I’ll likely have to use PowerShell to query and then build the .CSV file.

*** Update ***

This idea is dead. Users will have to manually enter a machine parameter into Engineering Workbench for every single Part, Operation Detail. :sweat_drops: This is true whether one has the Process Module or not because Advanced MES requires parameter #0 for every operation tracked regardless of licensing.

For us anyway, the next best thing might be a Directive to check for the Machine Parameter and add (or update) it as necessary. When DMT runs, the directive should fire and moving forward, users won’t have to add the parameter by hand.

There are other 3rd party solutions that track whether a process is in spec. This lack of functionality in DMT probably opens the door for them. :person_shrugging:

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