Buttons launching Cusomtised Form from Buyers Workbench

Buyers Workbench has buttons that launch RFQ Entry and Supplier Response. I have made customizations to RFQ Entry and Supplier Response screens.
I am unable to assign the current RFQ Entry and Supplier Response via Menu Maintenance to the Customizations to the standard forms - no customization are in the drop down list. I can create new menu items and allocate the customizations. Any ideas why?

If I do apply the customizations - how do I link the RFQ Entry and Supplier Response buttons on the Buyers Workbench to launch the customized version? Do I need to create new buttons?

Can you post your button launch code here? Remember to surround it by triple back-ticks ` - no spaces.

For the first issue, I believe you either need to mark your customization as “All Companies” or use the Actions > Copy to Current Company option in Menu Maintenance. The default menu items are all set to “All Companies”, but customizations won’t show up in the dropdown unless both the menu and customization match (both All Companies or both set to the same company).

If you open Buyer Workbench in developer mode and click these buttons, you should get a pop-up showing which menu item is being called. If you assign the customization to that menu item, it should take effect.

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Thanks @tsmith and @Mark_Wonsil - setting Customisations to ‘All Companies’ solved all my issues.
The RFQ Entry and Supplier Response both launch from the menu item that I was now able to apply a customisation against. Thanks for contributing.