Method Tracker opens Engineering Workbench

I’ve run into a problem where Method Tracker opens to Engineering Workbench. This can happen during a conversion, update, or adding Method Tracker to a menu.

In Epicor 9 we would open SQL Server Manager Studios and write a simple update query:

update menu
set arguments = ‘-c MyMethodTracker -formname=BOMTrackerForm’
where menuid = ‘METHOD’ //this will change for each Method Tracker you need updated//

In Epicor 10 the process has changed:

Customize the method tracker screen
a) On the Epicor Main screen click on the Developer mode button
b) Go to Production Management > Engineering > General Operations > Method Tracker
c) Once the Select Customization screen opens check the Base only checkbox and click OK.
d) Once the Method tracker screen opens customize the screen. Go to the Materials/List tab and move one of the columns for example move the Part Column to the left so it is the first column from left to right
e) Once this is done go to the Tools Menu and select Save Layouts and the Customization Save Dialog screen will pop up
f) Type in a Name and Description and click on Save
g) If required, add comments to the Customization comment screen and click OK
h) Close the Customization Tools dialog screen
i) Close the method tracker screen
j) On the Epicor Main screen click on the Developer mode button again to disable the Developer mode

Section 3:

  1. Open menu maintenance.
  2. Expand the tree so that you can see Main Menu > Production Management > Engineering > General Operations.
  3. Select the Method Tracker in the tree (so that it is highlighted).
  4. Go to Actions > Copy to New Menu. This creates a new menu item based upon the base one. This gets you all of the launch options that are needed to open the method tracker instead of the engineering workbench (basically the “formName=‘BOMTrackerForm’” menu row argument.
  5. On the Detail tab, set the customization to your new customization ID and specify Order Sequence.
  6. Save menu. Log out and back in. New menu item is in the shell menu now and launching it launches the method tracker with your customization."

I hope this helps you all!

Jonathan Lang


This is an informative file for our help database.

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You can make a UBaq and just change it directly too. See the thread below. Seems a little easier to me?

No, Method Tracker actually calls a custom you make. Then you have to set the custom to -formname=BOMTrackerForm per the menu ID. POEntry requires a different process.

I see this is quite old topic but I have a question regarding it.
What if customization needs to go with Base Extension?

My argumet string is -formName BOMTrackerForm -c customizationName -be baseExtensionName

And I’m getting this mesage when I try to open Method Tracker.

I am trying to use this process to open the Method tracker from a custom dashboard. I would like the tracker to open with the correct part/revision. I am using a button on the custom form with this code:

private void epiButtonC2_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs args)
// ** Place Event Handling Code Here **
LaunchFormOptions lfo = new LaunchFormOptions();
lfo.ContextValue = "PartNum, RevisionNum";
ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(oTrans, "UDGO3000", lfo); 	

I have also followed the list of instructions above to create the new menu item. My copy of method tracker menu item is UDGO3000. Ideally I would like to open the customized version of the Methods Tracker that already exists. So instead of setting my customization to the Base layout, I saved the customization that already existed as a new name.

I am not sure I am passing the part and rev numbers into the new form correctly.

Every time I click the button, the Engineering workbench opens instead of the Methods Tracker.
What am I missing?
Thanks for your time!

I had already figured out what you outline above but wanted to take this a step further.

We use ONE part number for all installation instructions. Each installation instruction is a different Rev Number of the same part. When fulfilling an order, the shipping clerk currently goes to that line on the Shipment, right-clicks to open Part.tracker. Inside Part tracker, this person then drills down the navigation pane to locate the revision number designed for this specific Shipment/Part (may vary per shipment), expands this to VIEW the attachment and Prints that instruction. It is done in this way as COO want shipping instructions as a part number so it is a line item on the printed Shipper so Shipping is prompted to print the instructions and issue just like any other part line.

I want to simplify this process by ADDing Method Tracker as a Context Menu to Customer Shipment Entry form ShipDtl.Part (open with). I tried to create this as a new Menu Item under Part.PartNum. However, Because this calls on a BOM Tracker Form customization, I cannot get it to link properly to the customization. It instead attempts to pull up the Engineering Workbench.

Is there ANY way around this so I can call the customization in the Context Menu? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sorry Bryan. I haven’t figured this one out either. There are only a handful of folks out there that actually know if this is possible. I have quite a lonely post here that I am hoping eventually gets a reply. Let me know if you figure anything out!


  I know of a customer, converting from V8 to 10.2.700- this method shown above did not work.
  There is still no way of attaching the correct method tracker customization to 'method Tracker'

in the menu, only ‘engineering workbench’ customizations appear in the dropdown.

   Line e:

Once this is done go to the Tools Menu and select Save Layouts and the Customization Save Dialog screen will pop up.

   In customization mode/ Tools menu , there is no 'Save layouts'.

Line E: refers to a “Save Dialog Box”. If the box doesn’t display that usually means there’s a saved custom. If you can’t name your customization, you’re adding to a current custom.

Thanks Jonathan, I ended up going the updateable BAQ route, adding the proper ‘customization’ in the Menu table, for Method Tracker.