Calculated Field (Shipping Instructions) on PO Form

On the standard SSRS PO Form, the ship to box shows a {see below} if either of the following calculated fields is true: Calc_MultiShiptoAddress or Calc_ExistingDropShipReleases.

Then a subreport prints Calc_ShipToConName and PORel_Cal_ShipToAddrList.

How do I get the phone number (or cell phone number if phone number is null) for the Calc_ShipToConName to also print? It seems like all shipments now require a phone number, so it would be beneficial to pull that number in along with the contact name.

You will have to manually link the tables. The Calculated fields will not help.

I assume the calculated fields are using formals to find similar fields in multiple tables. So which table do you bring in?

Take a look at field help for the fields you wish to show on a BAQ/Report. In this case it is VendCnt.PhoneNum. The link is done by POHeader.PrcConNum.

I am not looking for the Vendor Contact, I am looking for our customer contact phone (and/or cell phone) for Drop Ship POs (or Contacts for the Multiple Shipments for POs).

So link PODetail.OrderNum to OrderHed.OrderNum & OrderHed.CustNum to Customer.CustNum (with the Company field also).

I actually already linked those tables.

So how do I know if the information is on the Release Destination, Release One Time Ship To, the Header One Time Ship To, or the header Ship To?

That may prove more complicated.
I would offer that a BPM looks this information up and stores it at the PO Release level on a UD field. Having a Report do this work can be a huge headache.