Call Configurator Programmatically

I am attempting to launch an Inspection plan configurator via a button click. Using the Enter Inspection data screen as a model I duplicated the Epicor provided event to call the configurator. This uses an open App to call “Erp.UI.ConfigurationRuntimeEntry” and passes a JSON value like this

{ “type”: “Erp.UI.App.ConfigurationRuntimeEntry.ConfigurationArgs,Erp.Adapters.ConfigurationRuntime”, “options”: { “inMode”: 3, “relatedToFile”: “InspResults”, “relatedSysRowID”: “{InspSampleLst.RelatedRowID}”, “isTestPlan”: true, “specID”: “{InspPlanSampleLst.SpecID}”, “specRevNum”: “{InspPlanSampleLst.SpecRevNum}”, “inspType”: “{InspParam.InspType}”, “enableSmartString”: true, “SourceTableName”: “InspResults”, “SmartStringProcessed”: false, “InSmartString”: “”, “InvokeFrom”: “”, “ConfigType”: “”, “ConfigURL”: “”, “IsModal”: true, “SourceKey”: { “SysRowID”: “{InspSampleLst.RelatedRowID}” }, “SampleNum”: “{InspSampleLst.SampleNumber}”, “InspPlanNum”: “{InspPlanSampleLst.InspPlanNum}” }}

When I attempt duplicating the same way using a button I added on its click event I get an error saying can’t find “Erp.UI.ConfigurationRuntimeEntry” when I preview it. I do this from a modified original Inspection screen so all the dataset/views are there and populated.

From Chrome developer nothing seems to show up under Network (still getting used to this tool so may not be looking in the right place).

Any guidance on how to accomplish this?

Jim K.

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