Can epicor10 handle custom commissions based on rules and logic

Can epicor10 generate custom commissions that need to be reported on the invoice. These would be calculated fields based on specific buyers and sales reps (custom rule based calculations).

Could you use the UD tables and bpm to generate these commissions and then report using a custom SSRS? We may not need to actually update out of the box commissions on the invoice, but rather just use our own fields in addition to these on the invoice.

You could definitely do this, just depends on your requirements


We are looking into doing something similar. We need our commission to be part-specific, as some customers order different parts that have different commission rates and the current commission structure does not handle this, but we want to start using Epicor to calculate as this is a time-consuming manual process prone to errors. I was thinking a BPM could be part of the solution so glad to see Iā€™m on the right track. Just wondered if the OP had any updates/suggestions before I get started? Any help at all would be appreciated!