Create sales orders where the commission is split between 3 salespersons


Is there a way to setup Epicor so that a sales order for one customer only will default the commission to 3 salespersons, at 100% but with a 33% split? or is that a BPM to do so?

In my tests, it seems the SO can only take 1 SalesRep by default, so I think that is what I will have to do, but I figured I would see if anyone had a better solution.

I’m not sure about .400, but you should be able to assign multiple salespeople to any order. If you want to automate that for a customer then I think that would take a BPM.

Is there any way to get 2 salespersons to automatically be assigned to a customer? I just got clarification back, and apparently it will not be 3, but only 2, and now it is for 2 different customers. I really love vague specifications.

Mr. Paul: I am working on this right now for a customer.
We added UD fields to the Customer master and or plan is to use a BPM to fill in the sales rep data when a sales order (or misc invoice) is created.

I don’t have it working yet - fingers crossed hopefully this is the right strategy.


That was also the strategy I was about to start working on. Per Epicor Support, it is not available out of the box, and they also suggested a BPM. I will let you know if and when I get it working.

There are so many people that do this… does anyone know if an epicor idea has already been created to have this functionality built in? It would also be cool if you could create some type of custom hierarchy as to which reps get selected for quotes and orders so that you don’t necessarily have to set them per customer. It would also help with tasks and the like.

In short paul, most people do what you are about to do and add a customization. Fighting against the built in assign methods is annoying in my experience. If you start using territories or CRM tasks, it will start to add salespeople in different ways.