Can not Ship the transfer order

We received a transfer order last week. No one is able to mark this pack as “shipped. Anyone can advise this issue? Thx!jhj

What ERP version do you have?

It’s not possible to un-receive a TO shipment, which leads to people messing with the shipment.

Check the PartTran history for each part on the TO. Look for mismatched STK-PLT and PLT-STK entries for each.

Hi, were you able to mark as shipped? I have the same problem and I am wondering what I could be missing. Thanks!

For my issue, the reason is entering the wrong job number. you may need to check it

Our issue was that we had staging required set on the company configuration for some reason and had to turn that off. Check your staged shipments menu and see if those shipments need to be approved there

I think we may have found the issue, there were several customizations affecting it, thank you for your recommendation!