I am having an issue with transferring orders for MTO jobs.

Example: A customer orders 2 different parts, one runs at one location and one runs at our other location. We need them to ship out of one location so that the product arrives at the customer at the same time. These parts are both Make to Order parts.

Issue: We can not do a transfer to inventory. When we do this we lose all traceability of our customers. We lose the sales order number which ties everything to our customers.

I am hoping someone has some kind of work around for us. We’ve tested multiple things and nothing is working for use.

I’m guessing you are boned. If you have AMM you can maybe fudge it with some custom code, but since WIP has no true location tracking and a whole slew of calculation errors if you don’t do things exactly 100% right (lacks data validation at all corners of its world) involved you may have a long road ahead.

If at some point WIP can be put into PCID that may be your saving grace but who knows.

You may have to consider not using MTO if location tracking for WIP becomes critical


We have a similar problem, where we only manufacture at site A, but ship the finished item to site B (which only stocks Purchased parts, and the occasional part manufactured at site A) to ship out with the stocked items at B.

Unfortunately we have to:

  1. Make a part entry and add it to sites A & B
  2. Receive the item into site A’s inventory
  3. Make a TO Shipment from A to B
  4. Make a TO Receipt at B
  5. Make customer shipment at B (adding the items that are sourced from B to the item received from A)

It’s a real pain. Hundreds of P/N’s we’ll never use again. :frowning:

Have you looked at Job Receipt to Job across the different sites?

It is a rather complicated Rube Goldberg machine, but it can work. We use it for “custom jobs” where manufacturing is started in one site and then finished / shipped out of another. We don’t want anything going into Inventory for several reasons so we do that.


Does this require an extra level in the Job / BOM?

Can you do lot tracking, and use the SO# as the lot number? When you put it into inventory, then the lot number should be available to select when shipping.


My question about extra level in the Job/BOM was to @TomAlexander, regarding his Job Receipt to Job across sites.

(sorry for any Confusion)

Yes, sort of. In the Site you finish/ship out of, the job has a material in it where the material has Make Direct checked. And you specify the other Site that will produce the material:

Maybe you can try creating an operation that is Transfer or Ship To Site or something to identify it needs to be shipped. Then mark that operation as being done in the shipping site. Have MRP create multi-job links and theoretically you should be all set.

@bafeurer Does your company use Projects?

It doesn’t technically solve your exact problem, but if you just need traceability, Projects are wonderful.

We sell trucks made direct to order, and 99.5% of the time it’s job -> sales order -> customer.

But oh, that 0.5% would be a nightmare without a Project tying it all together.

This is really the answer, though.

It does get into that issue the other day about Split MFG Elements. Not a glitch, just something to REALLY strategize about. Fair warning.

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