Can Service Connect Create a Product Configuration?

Good morning!

Simply curious to know if any of you have created a SC workflow that generates a product configuration record. I have been exposed to ECC and how it interacts with Product Configurator, but what if you have an existing website that can spit-out a flat file? Can SC take it and build a configuration?

You can use a no-inputs configurator. It only has document and method rules. Still need a part number attached to the configurator but if you don’t need document rules all you need to do is add the line to the order with the configurator part number. No need to call any configurator-based methods unless you need the document rules to run. If you need to run the document rules there is a BO.Method for that. When the get details is run it will run the method rules which will need to know where to find the data from the flat file. For a client I work with they use a REST API to build the line and store the configurator data in a UD table. During the method rules phase the configurator pulls the data from the UD table and uses it to determine how the MOM should look. Using SC you would add the file contents to a UD table for later use by the no-inputs configurator.


I love the idea of using the UDTable to “bridge the gap” so to speak. Very interesting. Thank you for your reply!