Can we deep link across companies? ie jump from an intercompany dashboard viewed in one company to editable details in another?

I’m wanting to create a cross company dashboard of cases, and allow users with access tro both companies to click on a case hyperlink which will open that case up in the company the case belongs to, so they can update detail etc.

Is this possible? It seems it should be, so long as I populate the url appropriately, eg:


ie so long as I populate COMPANY and HDCASENUM in the above, I should be able to view the cases from our New Zealand, and jump into a case in the US company?

Background: I’m new to Epicor and Kinetic, but have some history in software development. We intend to use Epicor for customer service CRM, and many of our support calls and emails are handled in the NZ office, which deals with both our US and NZ customers. But we are structured as separate NZ and US companies within Epicor.

Yes, but not quite that simple. If you have the correct access to both companies and correct Territory then you can.

In the UI, you can view a case while logged into that company. Generally, people will open a window into each company. Now, with REST, where the company is in the Request Header, it may be easier than the .NET Client.

You may also be able to create new Menu entries, one for US and one for NZ, and use the Open With… to call out the one you want.

Mark W.

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