Kinetic, Web Widget vs Launching external website

I’ve seen that you can launch an external website in classic (function launches a process invoking chrome), but we would like to do something similiar in Kinetic/Web ui.

Question 1) Is this possible in any way ? I think it may be a challenge because of everything running server side…but thought I’d ask

Question 2) I’ve been playing with the Web Widget in Application studio and was able to use a panel with a large web widget successfully with a static address (e.g.

What may work as a backup if Question 1 is not possible, to do something like have a textbox and bind it and the web widget url to the same thing (e.g. TransView.WebAddress). Then have a custom event fire when the address changes to reload the page.

but when I try even using “Reload” from the Web Widget this doesn’t seem to work properly (I used {TransView.WebAddress} for the url value (and with quotes around it)

Anyone else been experimenting with this ?

thx, Scott

Have you checked these? Both have dynamic URLs somewhere in the thread.

Website Control Widget

How To: Dashboard Charts - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (

Javascript also works (for now) to use window.location in an expression field.