Can we get an additional Hosting Type for Public Cloud?

Can we get an additional Hosting Type for Public Cloud?

Nothing quite works.

I would replace Epicor Hosted DT with Epicor Public Cloud since DT doesn’t exist anymore.

A lot of people choose MT but I seriously doubt they are.

Do we need to designate Gov cloud too?

How is this field used? I generally think Cloud vs On-Prem, which covers 99.44% of the difference.

It’s just supposed to be there to help people get some context when answering questions. There are some differences between the cloud types that might come into play. You’re right though that cloud/on prem is pretty much the biggest differentiator, and for on prem, what version they are running.

People who run their own system in Azure are far more like On-Prem users. They have all the same processes except for the hardware…which they have to manage differently. They don’t have to stay current. A previous employer ran their Azure like on-prem so much so when the network was hit with an "encryption event’, the Azure instance shared in the experience. :person_shrugging: @Banderson is in the cloud, but you’d never know it. :rofl:

Single Tenant and 3rd Party Hosted (by an Epicor partner) are right in-between because they don’t have to be on the most current version either, and also not worry about hardware or patching the operating system.

Epicor SaaS has several levels from the old MT (the FIRST to upgrade) to Public Cloud with and without the ability to defer upgrades, to Public Cloud Premium (can delay up to a year IIRC), and finally Government Cloud which has other restrictions than the other cloud services.


I would agree that to on-prem users, all cloud solutions look the same.


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